Born in Cameroon, "Brown C." is the fourth from a family of six children. From a cultural background where music is much loved by the people, it is only natural that, Brown C. grew up with a good understanding in music without having to visit a music school to do so.



It was privately organized stage shows where he as a child, interpreted the songs of some great artists such as the late Michael Jackson (one of his biggest inspirations). At a later date after turning 15, Brown C. began to write songs and performed on stage with his friends, a local artist "Ice Pac Dogg" and "Snow Chick", who then just released a rap album. The three had stage appearances at schools such as CCC (City College of Commerce) Mankon Bamenda and LCC (Longla Comprehensive College) Mankon Bamenda and at the Congress Hall in Bamenda.



Pop, r'n'b, dance, soul, house, hip-hop, funk, country and even classical music inspire him in his music. Regardless of producers, he can realize his musical interests and experiment, which gives him a broad experience and play-room. This space and the opportunity to express himself is very important and significant for him:



"Since I write and produce everything myself, I'm able to express my inner-self into sound. When I listen to what I've created, it's like listening to my own heart beat."



He has worked on some of his songs with professional musicians from Cameroon. Together they have recorded tunes that he used in his songs. Also, he can incorporate hip-hop musical elements into his beats.



At the age of 17 together with the A'cappella group in Cameroon, "The Chanting Saints', they released an album.

Together, they sang in large churches and at various political events, such as the residence of the founder of the Social Democratic opposition party "Social Democratic Front" (SDF), John Fru Ndi.



In 2005, Brown C. began to produce his own music. He supported his friends' band "Brothertunes" of Bern in backing vocals during their 2006 "Come Close" album release party at "Dampfzentralle" in Bern.



2012 is the year when he decided that his first single, "Attention" was to be released. This is only one of many songs he has written and produced. Without the help of a label, Brown C. has been determined to meet the challenges that come his way. He made the video for his single "Attention" on the 29/04/2012 in the city of Zurich, whereby the young, beautiful and talented "Freakish Pure Night Life" TV and "Radio 105" presenter/ moderator Serap Yavuz, plays the leading featured role. The video was directed by the film director Roberto Cancellara (Bern) and filmed by the cinematographer Eric Lehner (London).

We had "Glamour Make-up" from Zurich as the official make-up crew, "Public Spirit" dance crew from Zürich for the choreography and both the fashion boutique "Brandtastic" and "Jade Club" in Zurich as filming locations.


"This is just one reason to work even harder in future projects."

Brown C.



There have been collaborations with some swiss Electro/House/Dance Djs and Producers, for example, "MYCO" and "Deep Attitude" with whom he has written, recorded and released various Singles. More international collaborations are ongoing.